The weather is nice, the bbq’s are heating and the drinks are flowing…but where’s my summer bod? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to hit a plateau in your workout regime. We’ve all fallen victim becoming heavily addicted to certain workouts because we see fast results. After a few months though, we see zero progress and potentially that weight coming back on. What’s the deal? Muscle adaptation.

Muscle adaptation and strength training go hand in hand, however it can cut both ways. Progressive overload generates more muscle force, stimulates bone growth and strengthen the ligaments. When you stop challenging your muscles you hit the dreaded plateau. Meaning, you’ve been too consistent in your training and your muscles have become ‘too good’ for the movement.

So how do you prevent a plateau? Here are a few ways to change up your programs and get out of that slump:

  • Different variation of exercise
  • Do workout in opposite order
  • Take a planned recovery week of rest
  • Drop sets (different weights jump right back into another set 60lbs-40lbs-20lbs)
  • Choose a new rep range
  • Add intensity
  • Change rest between sets
  • Cross train (don’t spin every day!)
  • Sleep (ensure you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep)
  • Quality over quantity
  • Effective and efficient workout (all workouts don’t need to be an hour+)

If you want to see results, push yourself and you’ll be so glad you did!