Caron Anderson Fitness Fall Tournament

September 18th, I will be hosting my first Fall Tournament for Caron Anderson Fitness. This is a 6-week challenge, geared towards those who are looking to lower body fat and define muscle. The tournament will be beginner friendly; however, you must be prepared to push yourself.

What’s Included:
• 6 weeks of workouts, 5 days a week including sets, reps and when to increase weight
• Different workouts (ranging from forty minutes to an hour and a half)
• A new plan after 3 weeks
• Mandatory weekly check ins
• Different types of cardio, including HIIT
• A nutrition guideline, featuring supplements and vitamins, balance between clean eating, pre-and post-workout snacks/meals, grocery shopping tips, how to read labels and access to my food diary
• Help setting individual realistic short and long-term goals

What’s the Challenge:
• This program is based off physical AND mental progress
• Weekly check-in’s will encourage staying on track with goals
• Gift card (TBD) for the first-place winner plus free • Compete with friends, family, strangers, but most importantly, with yourself!

**Must have gym membership or access to a facility
**Must be willing to submit before/after photos
**Instagram #caronandersonfitness encouraged, but not required