If you’ve been following me on Instagram this week, you’ll know I’m featuring a week of my favourite kettlebell exercises. These cast iron bells, can be extremely intimidating to new timers, however the benefits are endless. Introducing them into your workout regime will help build strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility. Remember my previous post on spot reduction, and the benefits of compound training? Kettlebells are the epitome of compound training. They engage multiple muscles improving tone and body composition. Here are my top ten reasons to add kettlebells to your workout now:


  1. Killer cardio- ballistic movements
  2. Joint pain reliever- increased mobility helping musculoskeletal pain
  3. More weight loss in less time- engages multiple muscles, increasing metabolism
  4. Improved posture- core engaged in every movement
  5. Stronger joints-
  6. Strength without bulking- increased amount of lean muscle tissue
  7. Time saver- combines cardio and strength training
  8. Increased coordination- training body to move as a unit
  9. Improved lower back pain- forced use of glutes and hips
  10. Develop power- perform explosive movement safe and simply




Quick Power Routine

Two-Arm Swings x 60 seconds

Shoulder Press x 30 seconds per side

Romanian Deadlift x 60 seconds

One-Arm Row x 30 seconds per side

Goblet Squat X 30 seconds


Allow 15-60 seconds of rest between each movement, depending on skill level. Repeat 3 times!