Let’s talk ‘Spot Reduction’. What exactly is it? It’s the idea that you can target specific areas to lose weight or gain muscle definition. Trust me, this is a world I would love to live in. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible.

Most women suffer from the same insecurities when it comes to their body images, thick thighs, saggy arms and puffy abdomen. Regardless of what you may read on the internet or social media accounts, there are no amount of ab exercises to get you a six pack. Believe it or not, the best way to work on specific areas is through compound movements. Meaning the exercise involves more than one muscle group.

Why are compound movements more effective? Greater number of muscle fibers stimulated, reduced time in the gym, greater release of hormones, reduced risk of overtraining and a rounded workout routine. Compound training should always be the base of any program. This will properly ensure you’re receiving and attaining adequate results.