Tips for keeping your goals on vacation

We’re all guilty of it, losing track of our goals while enjoying one too many drinks on vacation. It’s okay, it’s important to indulge and treat yourself. However, it’s not okay to let a vacation be an excuse to completely fall off the wagon and let your hard work go to waste. Although my routine on vacation is not the same as at home, here are a few things I do that make the transition back and forth.

#1 Scope out your fitness options

I always look at every hotel if a gym is part of the amenities. If there is a gym available, you know that there will be basic equipment available to you and you can plan a 20-30-minute circuit. If not, I look for running routes around the facility or bring my resistance bands and skipping rope.

#2 Quick and Efficient Workouts

There is no need to be working out for hours on end while on vacation. Be smart about your workouts and plan ahead. I love full body circuits mixed with some HIIT. Below I’ve attached a quick 30-minute workout.

#3 Explore

I love walking off a meal. Get up and walk around after breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a fun and easy way to stay moving and discover something new!

#4 Stay Hydrated

Bring your water bottle! This is the easiest rule to follow. Just because you’re somewhere new, this isn’t an excuse to not drink water.

#5 Pack healthy snacks

If you’re like me, you probably think about your next meal more often than you’d like to admit. Adapting to other people’s eating schedules can be hard sometimes, that’s why I always pack protein bars. My favourite are Lara and Raw bars. I always have one in my purse so I never have to worry about when I’ll be eating next.


*45 seconds each, 15 seconds rest  — repeat times 5

Squat and kick

Jumping lunge

Stacked foot push up

Cross body mountain climbers

Hip Thrust